The original DS-10-SPEED loaders introduced in 2005 for the S&W 617 have had many revisions to improve operation, they are now called “DS-10 Classic” loaders.

 All loaders still use the staggered length push pins engineered and implemented by DS-10-SPEED to reduce loading force by 50% to about 5 lbs or less. This makes loading easy and reduces the chance of damaging the crane and crane screw of your expensive revolver. Click on the tabs above for other loaders and additional info.


New for 2016: DS-10-GPCH

Ruger GP 100 10 shot .22 speed loader



DS-10-GPCH (Compact Handle) is a new state of the art injection molded design for the Ruger GP 100 10 shot revolver.

DS-10-GPCH $20.00 each

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Other Injection Molded Speed loaders:

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S&W 10 Shot

DS-10-IM, DS-10-IMPBT, DS-10-IMC, DS-10-IMCH —- $20.00

S&W 8 Shot

DS-317/63, DS-317/63PBT —- $20.00

Ruger LCR 8 Shot

DS-8-LCR, DS-8-LCRPBT —- $20.00

NAA Mini 5 Shot

DS-530-LR, DS-530-MAG, DS-484-SLR —- $15.00