Loading Box

40 round loading box with versatile storage area (scroll down), the loading strip is attached to the box. It now has a lay flat lid when fully open to use as an extra tray.

(Speed loaders and Ammo not included)

Store approximately 150 rounds, the 40 rounds won’t fall out if tipped when the lid is closed

Store 3 filled speed loaders (70 rounds ready)

Store up to 4 empty speed loaders

Store 2 empty speed loaders with handles

Store 1 filled loader with handle (50 rounds ready)

Store 4 filled DS-10-IMPBT speed loaders (80 rounds ready)

6 shot version available for S&W 17/617

8 shot versions available for S&W 317/63/43 Ruger SP101 and Ruger LCR

$25.00 each

E-mail for ordering info :