NAA 5 shot Mini


The DS-530-MAG and DS-530-LR speed loaders are for the larger frame Mini’s: Magnums, Mini Masters, Black Widows, PUGs, Ranger II and 1860’s with magnum and long rifle cylinders. These do not work with the Sidewinder models.

RII116DS-530-MAG loaders with the New Ranger II

MiniLoaders1_sDS-530-MAG (above left) and DS-530-LR (above right)

484slr_640x480DS-484-SLR loader (above) is for the small frame “Short” and “Long Rifle” mini.

???????????????????????????????The mini loaders have the same “open cavity” and “staggered length push pins” concepts developed by DS-10-SPEED with a state of the art injection molded design.

MiniUnloader2_sThe unloader DS-530-UL is for the “530” magnum frame Mini, the DS-484-UL is not yet available.

MiniBox_sThe loading box works with both .22 long rifle and .22 Magnum.

It works with both 484 and 530 loaders.

NAA Mini Speed Loaders

DS-484-SLR = $15.00 each

DS-530-LR = $15.00 each

DS-530-MAG = $15.00 each

NAA Mini Unloaders

DS-530-UL = $7.00 each

NAA Mini 30 RD Long Rifle/Magnum Loading box

DS-NAA30-LB (4.5″ x 6.5″) = $25.00 each

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